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Stained Concrete

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Concrete has a reputation of being boring visually. The grey color can be dull and industrial. If you wanted your driveway to have style you needed to invest in expensive brick or paving stones. Luckily there have been many advancements in concrete technologies over the years. Your concrete driveway or patio doesn’t have to be a boring grey slab anymore. We offer stained concrete and stamped concrete options that will drastically improve the visual aesthetic of a driveway, patio or walkway. With stained concrete we can provide you with a variety of colors and finishes. Stamped concrete adds a design element to your final product.

Concrete Visual Aesthetic

Concrete can be boring. Concrete is one of our oldest building materials and it has been used to build countless roads, driveways and patios. You’re used to seeing plain concrete slabs. Over the past few years, this has changed. There are now options to improve the look of concrete. Stains, dyes and sealers will change, color, brightness and gloss of concrete. Stamped concrete changes the look of the final product. You can simulate brick or stone paving with stamped concrete. Concrete Pros Allen Texas offers a variety of concrete visual aesthetic options.

Stained Concrete

We offer a variety of stains and dyes for your concrete. We use three different types of stains for our concrete and each provides different benefits. Depending on your goal style, we will suggest a stain that will meet your visual aesthetic. Water-based sealers will generally have low gloss, minimal color change and increased chemical resistance. Solvent-based sealers will have a higher gloss, will darken the concrete and will change color over time. We have dyes that can alter the hue of your concrete service and pigments that add black or white to your concrete.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete is the process of adding a design to the final concrete product. Stamping can simulate a brick or stone patio. We can create intricate patterns on your patio. A stamped concrete driveway will increase your home’s curb appeal for a cost-effective price. Stamped concrete will add a new dimension to boring concrete slabs. Using the latest technique and equipment can create patios and driveways that are works of art. Do you have a unique idea? Give our team a call today and we can get started on your dream project.

Concrete Maintenance

Your stained concrete will require more maintenance than a regular concrete slab. We encourage power washing for regular scheduled maintenance. Your sealant layer should also be reapplied every few years to ensure your concrete is safe from moisture and weather. If your stained concrete is damaged, give our team a call and we can provide concrete repair services. Our repairs and maintenance services are a great way to prolong the lifespan of your concrete patio or driveway. It’s cost-effective over installing brand new concrete. Feel free to contact our customer service team today to discuss our stained concrete services.