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Commercial Concrete Solutions

Workers at the construction site placing concrete slab

Our team of expert contractors provide commercial concrete solutions in Allen Texas. We have experience working with new constructions and existing structures. Our commercial team has years of experience working on large projects. Do you need a new parking lot, driveway or loading area for your warehouse or shopping center? Does your office need safer walkways? Concrete Pros Allen Texas provides commercial concrete solutions for all these problems. We are available to discuss any commercial project. Call us at the phone number below to learn more.

Commercial Concrete

We offer commercial concrete solutions for Allen Texas. Our team has worked on hundreds of commercial projects. Do you need a driveway, parking lot or warehouse floor installed? Our team is ready for any size concrete project. We can provide your office, retail outlet or restaurant with patios and walkways. Add design to your new patio to impress your customers and employees. Our team can handle any of your repairs that you need on your property. If you have damaged concrete that is causing a safety hazard, give our customer service team a call today.

Patios and Walkways

Concrete patios and walkways are a great way to make your commercial property look great while increasing its value. New walkways or sidewalks provide safe areas for your employees and customers can walk. We can install handicap ramps to your property to meet any building regulations. Do you own a restaurant? A patio is a great solution if you want to add outdoor seating to your property. Let our design team create a patio are that feels like part of your restaurant. We have expert designers and can create an outdoor area that will meet your needs and budget.

Commercial Driveways & Parking Lots

Concrete is a great solution for driveways, roads and parking lots. Concrete Pros Allen Texas has years of experience designing and installing large concrete structures. A concrete lot has several advantages over using asphalt. The grey color of concrete reflect sunlight and absorbs less heat than asphalt. Your property will be naturally cooler due to less heat generated by your driveways and parking lots. Concrete also withstands heavier loads than asphalt. You can rest easy knowing your trucks won’t damage our concrete loading areas and parking areas. We also provide repair services for any commercial concrete area.

Commercial Concrete Maintenance and Repairs

Your concrete is sturdy and will last for years if it’s properly maintained. We offer a variety of commercial concrete maintenance and repairs. You should regularly clean your concrete floors and areas. A yearly cleaning is a great start to protecting concrete structures. We also provide sealants that will add an extra layer of protection to your concrete driveways and patios. Do you have damaged concrete? Cracks and unlevel concrete can become a safety hazard if not cared for. Damaged concrete will also grow if not cared for. We provide on-call concrete repair services. Let us care for your commercial property so your customers and employees will be safe from trips and falls.